Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Chester Zoo–02/08/2010

I went to Chester Zoo yesterday with my family and I loved every second of it!! I took my camera (of course) and did the whole day in manual SmileHere are my favourite pictures edited Smile Hope you enjoy!


Here are ones of the animals!

A cute little baby monkey

Baby Monkey


These are some of my favourite photo’s I have ever taken! This was taken in the Butterfly House!

Butterfly 1Butterfly 2Butterfly 3Butterfly 4

A duck! Haha! All the way to the zoo and we see a duck! Yay lol


A baby Meerkat! How cute!!!


I loved this Rhino chilling with little Magpies eating all his ticks!! Yum Yum ! haha


I LOVE these pictures of my DF! We were under the shelter in the tiger exhibit that’s why he was growling!

Dan 1Dan 2

This is another of one of my favourite’s they were so deep in conversation here! I think it was about a rabbit!

Lily and Mum

And now onto the pictures of Lily!

Here she is eating pretzels as we got there no idea why she looks so glum though!

Lily 1

And here are some of her with the statue of the meerkat!!

Love her face on this one! I think she was bored of me taking pictures lol!

Lily 3

And then she found this one that she seemed to like to cuddle lol

Lily 4

I am so gutted that I didn’t get the whole picture Sad smile but I just love her expression in this one!

Lily 6

Love her face on the first one, she wasn’t keen on the bear and was like are you finished yet haha! And I love the concentration on her face on the one where she is running! Such a cutie!

Lily 7Lily 8

[LEFT] She was staring out of the window looking at the ducks on the water!

[RIGHT] This is where we stopped to give Declan his bottle! She was eating mini cheddars and the duck pinched one! I think she was telling him off lol

Lily 2Lily 9

On this one I shouted at my mum for getting her hand in the shot and then when I got home and looked on the computer I seen the wasp by Lily’s head!

Lily 10

Haha, doesn’t her expresion say it all she was saying ‘Mummy, finished now’ No Lily one more picture!! Too late lol this is the best I could get!

Lily 11


And there you go, there is a selection of pictures from my trip to the zoo! Smile


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos hun.....looks like an amazing day! xx